We are working on this:

Bed and Breakfasts en charmehotels in Italy.

This is just a selection of the projects we did:
We are building a catlog for a firm who make company clothes (vanOchten.nl).

For a theatre group we build a site Katfam:
Restaurant "Vanouds de Brouwer"

ApothekeVenlo / ApotheekVenlo 

Webshop. Lay-out by partner, implementation and realised by TecTronics.

Webshop ItalieKoffie.nl


Webshop 1000islands.nl

Webshop with iDeal payments, dual languages. including stockmanagement, etc, etc.

Een weblog

Owner can change the lay-out, connected with our CMS.


Designed by partner, with Google implementation and a sitemap.


Simple site, with connection to Google and a sitemap.

'old' lay-outs of our websiteTecTronics

Some old designs, using our own CMS. (Look to our demodemo)


Rent and Sale of property in Italy. Linked to a magazine (Smaak van Italie - Taste of Italy). Lots of functionality including renters and sellers on line adding and editing.


Low cost foundation website, multi language.

Villa Italia

Already made (designed) website transferred to our CMS.


Sellers of property in Italy. Using more languages.


Ability to select an language using on-line (Babel Fish) translation.

Further more a lot of intra-net sites, unfortunately  not available here.

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