All the products used in a website, we have them already made for you.

List of products:

    All prizes in Euro for ONE YEAR.

    Prize:  € 80
    Domain: Free
    Setup: Free
    Quota: 75 Mb
    POP3: 50
    Aliases: no limit
    Web mail: Yes
    Daily backup: Yes
    MySQL: 5
    Traffic: 5 GB

    Prize: € 250
    Domain: Free
    Setup: Free
    Quota: 1500 Mb
    Sub domain: no limit
    POP3: no limit
    Aliases: no limit
    Web mail: Yes
    Statistics: Yes
    Daily Backup: Yes
    MySQL: no limit
    Traffic: 30 GB

    Collocated or Dedicated servers are possible, starting prize: € 55 euro / month, excl. setup costs.

  • SHOP: We can implement e-commerce / webshop for you, inluding payment plug-inns. VISA, iDeal, etc. We are using the software of VP-ASP. Check the demo-shop.

  • RESERVATION: We selected a beautifull reservations system, on-line and very handy!
    In combination with our own software, you can let customers reservate a apointment. Also possible to arange workshops or seminars, and let inviters select there seminar or workshop.
    A demo is in development.
  • CMS: The CMS (Content Management System) is in-house made and perfect suitable for common use.  A CMS allows you to quickly edit the content (including photos) of your website as you would a word document, w/out having special knowledge about programming or websites. While we're happy to update your website for you, having the option to do it in-house can save you time and money. You can try it yourself on our Demo pages. Click demohere for the demo.
    The manual (Sorry only in Dutch) you can download here.
    Also you can those for an Open Source Typo3 CMS. Only the setup cost will be charged. For info click here.
  • RSS feed reader or creator. This means external news on your website or server news to others.  

  • FORUM: Here for is the open source PhpBB forum selected. Usually  this will be edited for customer wishes. Check the phpBB pages.

  • NEWSLETTER: Standard is the newsletter software on your website installed.

  • BLOG: Blog is possible and totally integrated into your website.

  • SURVEY: Survey module can also be installed on your website. Try the (Dutch) demo, click here,
    Click here to get an impression of the screens.

  • POLL: Polling is also a possibility. This software can also be installed.

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